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Working with Teresa
A personal note


Box 909, 9 O'Neill Court
Nobleton, Ontario
L0G 1N0

Working with Teresa
Many who work with Teresa see her playful side as she facilitates and rolls out workshops and events. She draws on her pragmatic side to skillfully guide clients to action, tapping into their potential to become outstanding leaders and valuable contributors within their work place and beyond.

• Listening
• Challenges status quo
• Asks powerful questions to reveal relevant and meaningful insights
• "Digs in" to get to the core
• Customizes approach and process for every unique individual and team
• Purposeful
• Instills confidence
• Lifts performance of individuals and teams
• Positive energy and outlook

• Integrity
• Value add
• Joy
• Authenticity
• Continuous learning
• Fun
• Possibilities
• Healthy work/life balance
• Family
• Spirituality

What she brings to her clients
Teresa thrives on seeing people succeed. She serves as a consultant, facilitator and coach for teams and individuals.

Clients are provided a challenging, supportive and motivating environment enabling them to explore what they want in their business and personal life — which ultimately empowers them to achieve their aspirations and fulfill their needs.

By assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board to their experiences, Teresa allows the individual/group the personal space and support they need to grow and develop. Her key role is often assisting the client to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve their goals.

Teresa believes and has experienced that when you maximize the greatest resource to enable goal achievement, i.e. your people, it leads to a healthy work environment where people show up everyday to make things better and everyone wins. She helps each client to understand not only the contributions they can make, but also the important contributions made by others.

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