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Leadership Development
People learn, grow and change — self-awareness is the keystone of development.

Teresa works with individuals and teams to:
• Accurately assess their values, strengths and gifts — the assets that support their success
• Identify opportunities for development and create and support learning goals.

This effort invests in the development of leaders who build winning relationships to serve the needs of their people

Development and growth is part of life's journey. Sustained change comes after an investment of time and energy. The benefits include:

• Create a personal agenda for self improvement
• Stretching the individual and/or group member's thinking into areas of thought that are beyond their day-to-day scope
• Understand how behavior contributes to team performance
• Provide mutual support and contribute to developing key leadership competencies
• Serve as a model for effective team development, where long-term, strong and respectful relationships are developed

The programs are designed to create awareness of an individual and/or team’s potential. They focus on the premise of stretching individuals beyond their current inventory of skills, knowledge and experience, providing an opportunity to experience creative tension and new possibilities. This supports the need for developing leaders who are multi-skilled, multi-disciplined and who keep pace with continuous complex change.

1. Leadership Essentials – examines who you are as a leader today, how you are perceived as a leader and who you want to be
2. Leadership In Practice – examines core leadership competencies, how they play out in the workplace and how you continue to grow as a leader
3. Leadership Beyond Self – examines how you influence leadership growth and actively grow the leaders of tomorrow in your team, learning to use the right tools to build leaders

The programs include assessments, and team and individual coaching. The content and format are customized to the needs of the client and are aligned to the organization's specific competencies.

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