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Box 909, 9 O'Neill Court
Nobleton, Ontario
L0G 1N0

"Teresa facilitated our high potential Executive Leadership Group in a business-specific Action Learning Project. She was skillfully able to guide the group to meet the project expectations and deadline with a true coaching approach. In addition, she has been adding value to the individual participants by focusing on essential leadership skills and providing constructive feedback and best practice information geared to their learning and development plans. I have also recommended her as a coach for some of our other up-and-coming managers and directors and have received very positive feedback on her effectiveness in holding them accountable for their own development."
Linda Irvine
Head, Corporate Learning & Organizational Development
Regional Municipality of York

"Scotia Capital recently launched a mentoring initiative and identified a need for a facilitator to work with mentees participating in the program. Our goal was to enhance the mentees' levels of self awareness and to position them to work effectively with their mentors. Teresa Veenstra proposed and delivered a solution that included individual MBTI reports and a group de-brief workshop. As an outcome of the workshop, each mentee was to identify specific goals for their mentoring relationship.

"Feedback from the mentees was very positive — the workshop was a tremendous success. Teresa made the material come alive with her use of examples and illustrations. The energy level and enthusiasm that she brings to a workshop is complimented by the depth of her experience. For the participants, the MBTI provided practical, relevant insights that they can use on the job and with their colleagues. Most importantly participants felt that the workshop prepared them to have clear, goal-oriented discussions with their mentors."
Jill Campbell
Sr. Manager, Employee Development
Scotia Capital

"We asked Teresa to come in to support a team in trouble, to ask probing questions, to get to the root of the problem and then to help heal the team and refocus them on job deliverables. She did a phenomenal job! She quickly gained the confidence of the team, and helped everyone to redevelop trust in the team and a willingness to work together. She is a great coach, HR facilitator and change manager."
Gary O’Connor
Executive Director, Ontario
Canadian Diabetes Association

"I was sure I didn’t need a coach — I could see that I was achieving brilliantly on my own — why would I need a coach? But fortunately for me the chance for coaching with Teresa came up and she is amazing. She helped me to find ways to make my own life easier, clearer and more fun. With Teresa's guidance I was able to focus on my own life and discover patterns of thinking that I didn't even recognize were holding me back. Teresa is like light on a dark night — she helps make the path of our own life visible."
Hendrika Ono,
Artist, Librarian and Nouveau Bon Vivant

"Teresa brings a unique combination of professionalism, personality and expertise to a project that makes people want to participate. Her ability to be able to focus others on a question, and integrating their ideas to tackle the task at hand are rare qualities. I believe it stems from her understanding of that task and that is made possible by Teresa's commitment to preparation."
Andy MacDonald
Fire Chief
Brampton Fire and Emergency Services

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